Best Tips & Tricks

Best Tips & Tricks | Change The Way You Use Gmail Tips & Tricks : Like many others, if you are also using Gmail services then you must have started using its various great features or you are still exploring what all features are useful for you. You can actually take benefits of Gmail tips and tricks to get rid of various problems which you might face in your day to day email activities.

Best Tips & Tricks

Some of the Gmail tips and tricks are listed below

  • One can login to their multiple Gmail accounts by just signing into one single account without changing screens and can access multiple inboxes.
  • Have you sent a wrong email which you were not intended to send? Don’t worry enable ‘Undo send’ option to get back your messages which you didn’t mean to send. You can enable this option by going to Gmail.
  • The ‘Mute’ feature is the best feature for those who always receive endless threads and are annoyed with those endless replies. One can find this option by selecting the message and then click on “More” menu and select mute.Same way another feature is ‘Block’ which helps you to get rid of unwanted senders from whom you don’t want to receive an email any longer. Select the message and click the drop-down arrow to mark it a block.
  • Canned Replies’ can be used as an email template to save time for replying to emails regularly.
  • One can choose how they wanted to look at their inbox. One can choose ‘priority inbox’, ‘default inbox’. Also one can set the priority of emails how they wanted to see-‘Important email; first or ‘unimported email’. These all features can be achieved from the settings tab.
  • One can manage their emails to appear under various ‘Labels’ and can create multiple labels as per their need. Also, the user can create a filter to send emails to different labels, or an archive, star or automatically forward your email. Go to search bar, enter your criteria, select messages and at the bottom click ‘create a filter with this search’.
  • One can master various keyboard shortcuts to save a lot of time.
    • For example:
      1. C to compose a new email.
      2. gi” to go to my inbox.
      3. a to reply all.
      4. f to forward the message.

One can always explore various other features and tips by going to google labs and settings or can also take help from online to know more about several tricks.

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