Cinemabox APK Download for android [Updated in 2017]

Welcome readers, in the reason why we will discuss the topic: Cinemabox APK download for android. We additionally show you the steps needed to download the app for android. Keep going reading if you to help have Cinemabox on your device.


With Cinema box Apk, you can watch all your favorite movies, TV shows and cartoons all at the tip of your control. It is the next best entertainment app for you properly family. So download the latest Cinemabox APK and get started.

Have you ever eagerly waited for a film to emerged and you werent eager to watch it because about a meeting and other reason? Or did you miss an episode of simple . TV show because you had been sick to a few those days? Well, dont worry because Cinemabox is here to your rescue.

Cinemabox APK


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In this part of the article, we will walk you through the steps needed to download the Cinemabox APK. Before moving in order to the downloading part, may to check the system requirements of the app. For the Cinemabox app to work towards your phone without any problem, your phone are meant the following configuration:

Android version 4.0 and higher.

Minimum 512 MB of RAM

At least 100 MB free space on your device for uninterrupted leisure activity.

For download, you be obliged to have free space in accordance with the height and width of the movie or demonstrate want to download. Other than that are usually good to get information. Here is often a table displaying the specifics of the APK file.

APK SpecsDetails

Latest version:2.1.0

Version date:Oct 10, 2016

APK Requirement:4.0 and higher


App features:Simple yet amazingly features applcation for watching movies, Tv shows and programs on your devices.

Developer:Cinema Box

Rating3.5 Stars

APK DownloadAPK Link

Now, after knowing these devices requirements, lets move on to the download procedure. The numbers of some simple guidelines you’ll to follow so absolutely download the Cinemabox APK without any risk.

First of all, the Cinemabox APK isnt positioned on the Google Play store. But dont worry, we will confirm to you ways to download it within a third party site.

To install third party apps may never have flip on an option called Unknown sources.

The very first thing you do do is, go to your settings of your phone. Then click on your Security chance. Find Unknown sources and tick mark small box at the front end of this tool. (This setting varies depending upon your device or android version.)

Now get the Cinemabox APK, open your browser and press on the link given below:

Download Cinemabox for android

After clicking on the link, it can be automatically start downloading the APK.

Once the Cinemabox APK is downloaded you need to click within it to start the installing the software package.

You will need to allow access for the APK to be able to installed. Click on Install.

It may some in order to install. After the APK is installed great see two options: Done and Open up.

If enjoy to open the app, click on Open otherwise click on Done. You’re able to also open the Cinemabox app by the app kitchen. Just click within the apps icon and start enjoying the app straight away.

So guys, what are you waiting in? Stop wasting along with download probably the most up-to-date Cinemabox APK file on your own device. Get all the entertainment at the tips of the fingers. Adhere to the steps and you will able to to enjoy your favorite movie shows and movies.


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