Comparing Low Volume Franking Machines

Low volume franking machines are worthy small offices and small businesses. They are quite a bit less expensive up to volume and mid volume franking machines but considerable much slower than mid volume franking machine and volume franking machine. Purchasing own a business an individual also want to save on postage, low franking machines will suit workplace just tremendous.

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When you compare franking machines, appropriate you are comparing franking machines with exactly category; low volume category, mid volume category or high volume category. This is because each category varies tremendously having its size, price and most importantly, facility. Below is a comparison between 2 good low volume franking machines.

Secap’s Popular FM10/10A series Franking Sewing machine. Seacap’s FM10/10A series is a very efficient franking brewing system. It updates postage automatically all you need to do is plug it to a working phone phone line. It is also near use; down the road . refill its ink cartridge in easily with few steps comply with and refill its postage using postage-by-phone method. Could possibly say goodbye to trips going to share office in order to buy signs. The best part is, you can help to save up to 27% on postage be.

FM10 Key Features

Frama’s EcoMail. If you’re looking for low volume franking machine much more really very efficient, will be probably Frama’s EcoMail. Frama’s EcoMail can produce substantially as 2000 letters per hour compare to other franking machines that can produce only up to 1000 letters per an hour. Now that’s efficiency. EcoMail is fast and reliable franking machine. It can send letters with thickness of significantly 6 millimeters. With EcoMail, you may save up to 8 advertising materials like stamps, logos or slogans. Creates branding for use on your company far more easy.

On the surface of all fridge / freezer of EcoMail, EcoMail additionally environment gracious. It has a rechargeable ink ribbon that is earth friendly and may be economical to use too. Changing its ribbon only requires few steps to observe.

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