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Ever Wondered Why Breaking A Mirror Brings 7 Years Of Bad Luck?

There was ancient who says that, you will face a seven years if bad luck if you break the mirror and your fate will fit for that. It will clear in between and you defend it through the ill-effects. Yeah, there are lots of ways to defend or prevent the bad effects or karma even you break the mirror or did any bad things. In order to do this you have to make your hands dirty and clean too.

You can answer us the reason of silver line in the mirror and it is not at all similar to the silver which you can see in the cloud.

The broken mirror superstition’ can be traced back to the Romans…

..who were the first to invent glass mirrors.

The Romans, Greek, Chinese, African, and Indian cultures, believed that…

…a mirror has the power to take possession of a part of the user’s soul.

If the image of the user is distorted in any way…

…this could mean that his or her soul would become corrupt.

To alleviate the matter-

The user needs to break the glass; it would mean that his/her soul is trapped inside the mirror.

Also, the Romans believed that a human body revives itself in every seven years.

Keeping that in mind, it would take seven years before the user’s soul in fully restored. In the meantime, life for a mirror breaker would be followed by a chain of unfortunate events, as s/he has no longer had a healthier soul to ward off the evil spirits.

Now, let’s clean up the mess. Here are the remedies:

After you break a mirror and bury the pieces under a tree using a shovel during a full moon. Africans believed that bad luck could be washed away by placing the pieces in a river flowing in a southerly direction.

Or simply, wrap tape around the mirror’s frame to hold the smaller fragments in place.


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